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Halo 3 Eclipses Video Game Sales Record With 170 Million On First Day

The entertainment division of Microsoft is riding high as their much anticipated and publicized video game Halo 3 set a record for first day sales with a take of 170 million dollars. The previous record was set by Halo 2 in 2004 at 125 million dollars in the first 24 hours. Microsoft was expecting Halo 3 to make 150 million dollars on September 25, 2007 the day it was released. But this ambitious figure was met and surpassed much to the delight of the people at Microsoft and Bungie Studios, their company owned animation studio.

When the first Halo video game Combat Evolved was released on November 9, 2001 it immediately captured the attention of the people who play video games. It then went on to much greater success. Several more video games like Halo 2 and a list of merchandising products like action figures and comic books were created. They were immediately embraced by a legion of loyal fans known as the Halo Nation. A cultural Icon and a very large following were created with this futuristic video game, much like the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises. Xbox 360 was the king of video game consoles and the Halo video game franchise was number one for the longest time.

But things have changed for Microsoft since PlayStation 3, PSP and Nintendo Wii came out on the market. They offer a variety of great games like Call of Duty, Madden NFL 07, Twilight Princess and Tony Hawks Project 8 to name only a few. The latest video game consoles by Sony and Nintendo also offer great technological advances, and this has caught the attention of the video game customers who love innovation with their video games and electronics. Especially the kind of innovations that make it seem like you are actually in the game.

When Nintendo Wii was released about a year ago it offered an exiting new technology with the Wii remote. It is called the motion sensitive feature and it allows one to be right there in the game interacting with 3D characters and special effects. It revolutionized the way people play video games.

The Wii console also sells for less than the Xbox 360 console at about 250 dollars compared to 500. This fact has made Nintendo Wii video game consoles more attractive than the Xbox 360 to the middle class parents whose Christmas funds for presents this year may be a little low.

Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 by Sony have both been on top of the video game market for the past year. Suddenly Xbox 360 was no longer number 1 in sales of video game consoles and the Halo video game franchise was no longer the best in the world of video games. Prior to September 25, 2007 things were not so merry at the entertainment division of Microsoft.

A few years back Microsoft and Bungie Studios hired a group of talented computer programmers and 3D animation artists that was large enough to fill a high school auditorium. These people were the cream of the crop in the business of making video games. They worked very hard for over 3 years on the production of Halo 3 at an overall cost of about 50 million dollars. The result is a first person shooter video game with sound and graphics that are a feast to the eyes and ears and a storyline that is quite engaging with several twists and turns.

The Halo Nation has shown up in full force at the retail stores to buy Halo 3. There is also a very large following for the online video game version of the Halo franchise. Microsoft has reported that over 1 million online players battled it out in the first 24 hours on Xbox Live playing Halo 3. This version of the game pits online members against each in a fight to the death.

Now they are dancing in their corporate offices back at Microsoft and Bungie studios. Their video game Halo 3 made 170 million dollars in the first day on the market and they are projecting that it will make over 560 million dollars overall. If this turns out to be true for Halo 3, which is well on its way to making it so, it will give Microsoft a 90 percent profit for this project. In an industry where most video games lose money this is quite an astounding statistic.

The recent release of Halo 3 has put Xbox 360 games and Xbox 360 video game consoles back in the spotlight and primed to be back on top of the video game industry. It is a testament to the creativity and marketing skills of Microsoft and its employees who have been known to do a few things right in their remarkable history.

The New Age of Video Game Rentals

Ever spent your hard earned cash on a game that just didn’t perform and entertain you as much as it should? Did you get caught up in the hype of a popular new release, and it just failed to deliver the quality you were looking for? In the world of gaming, the new reigning consoles Xbox 360, PS3, and Nintendo Wii have captured the attention of video gamers across the world. The fame of these new consoles has formed a new trend in video game rentals across our nation.

There are some titles that you end up finishing within a few hours to a few days worth of play and never receive any true sense of enjoyment or accomplishment from the game. For this reason alone, video game rental is becoming an increasingly popular way for gamers to test out their most sought after game before shelling out hundreds of dollars on a game that doesn’t make it past its first few hours.

To rent a video game, some major rental chains like Blockbuster allow users to rent titles for a few days with charges that are usually $5 and more depending on if you need to keep the game longer. But nowadays, there are many different places that provide cheaper rentals offering a vast array of games within their selection for just $1 per customer.

The best part is that you can keep the game as long as you want. So, if you need a little more time to get acquainted with certain levels, accomplish different goals, or just don’t have the time to hammer away at a particular game for too long, you now have more options.

Why Rent Video Games Online?

Being a gamer can be expensive at times if you are paying full price for multiple games a month. Some games cost more than $50 and if it is a highly anticipated release, some will pay inflated amounts of money just to be part of the first to play this specific title. The biggest disappointment is when the game is a complete flop. You can always resell it for a few dollars, but you never recoup the loss of the first purchase.

Online video game rentals allow you to spend the least amount of money on a game without giving a full commitment of cash upfront. Plus, you can always return the title the next day if it ends up being a dud.

When it seems like you’ve found a great game that allows you to be entertained for hours on end, you end up spending less than a few dollars to find it. If the thrill of a game has gone once you’ve defeated all levels, then online video game rentals are the best approach to take.

With the new release of the PS3 console and Xbox 360 games, there will be plenty of gamers out there looking for their new release titles for these great video game consoles. Another great aspect of online video game rentals is that you pay the same price for newer video games rentals compared to older video game rentals. It’s all the same price across the board.

With the new consoles being released almost every other year, you may also compare the graphics and presentation of your favorite games on a wide-range of consoles for the low membership costs of $5.95 on up to $14.99 per month. Rent as many games and portable video games for Nintendo DS and PSP as well. Portable games are just as popular on the rental scene as their counterpart console games.

With so many video game consoles and portable games on the rise every year, its hard to stay away from some playing your favorite games. Nowadays, with online video game rental companies like GameFly and Gottaplay, you can maintain your video game habit without it effecting your wallet.